• The 6 Biggest Leadership Gaps Pastors Face

    Blog | Charles Stone | June 25, 2020

    In research for my third book, I discovered six fundamental weaknesses or gaps that leaders in general and pastors face particularly in some degree. These are based on insight from a perspective on how we deal with our emotions called family systems. To which leadership gap do you tend to default?

    GAP 1: EMOTIONAL REACTIVITY (low emotional restraint)

    Description: The phrase emotional reactivity self-defines itself. It’s seen in pastors who either outwardly or inwardly emotionally react to others when under stress.

  • Shaken But Not Moved

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | June 23, 2020

    We haven’t had a break. We’ve gone from pandemic to protests. Most of us haven’t been able to gather in person for church services for several months. Children are out of school. Adults are out of jobs. Life as we knew it half a year ago is totally different now. We may be certain – we are shaken but not moved. God is moving with grace, love, and power. You and I can make a daily choice – to keep a laser focus on God’s constant presence, power, and purpose, not on what is going on around us. We can rest in the stability of an almighty God who holds the future.

  • Striving or Stressing

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | June 16, 2020

    “Why are you crawling up the stairs?” I was watching my youngest son, who had just started his high school track career, struggling in agony to reach the second floor to his bedroom.

    “My legs hurt so much! I took some Tylenol, but it doesn’t seem to help,” he moaned.

    “Well maybe you should cut back on your running. Just tell the coach you can’t compete this week.”

    “No, Mom! I have to be there! I can’t give up now!”

  • Consistency

    Taking the Guesswork Out of Leadership

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | June 11, 2020

    We begin each day with a degree of certainty and consistency.  The sun will rise in the east and set in the west.  The oceans tide will ebb and flow throughout the day, and the earth will circumnavigate the sun.  We long for this same level of certainty and consistency in all aspects of our lives; especially leadership but are often disappointed.

  • Solitude

    Blog | Karen McGuire | June 09, 2020

    Then, because so many people were coming and going that

    they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, "Come

    with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Mark 6:31

    When you were a small child, you may recall your parents telling you to “Stop, Look and Listen” as you approached an intersection to cross the street. Before you crossed the street, they wanted you to

  • God Gave Aaron a Second Chance

    Blog | Paul Swamidass | June 04, 2020

    Aaron fell  

    Aaron was approached by people, who asked him to "make us gods who shall go before us" (Exodus 32:1; ESV), while their leader, Moses, was gone for a meeting with God on Mt. Sinai, unexpectedly, for 40 long days. Aaron did not resist, instead, obliged them, almost immediately, with a well-publicized effort to make a golden calf for the nation to worship: 

  • Rooted and Grounded

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | May 28, 2020

    “Those rose trees aren’t looking very good. I wonder what’s happening to them?”

    The lovely roses that had greeted us in our new home were no longer thriving. I grabbed a slender trunk and gently waggled it. Seconds later I stood there holding up a rootless plant. Something had eaten away the roots. Poor thing! 

  • 4 Ways to Renew Hope During COVID-19

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | May 26, 2020

    You are done with quarantine, lock-down, and social-distancing. Life as you knew it. Pre-COVID-19, is totally different. And not much to your liking. You miss your family, friends, and future. Your plans have changed, and your dreams have died. Loss is all around you. Yes, I get it. COVID chaos has affected my family, too. My sweet daughter and son-in-law have lost their jobs, dear Margie is losing her home, and my courageous friend Julie’s stepdad passed away after becoming infected with the coronavirus. How can we renew our hope during COVID-19?

  • This year, 2020, has taught us many things. Some of the things we likely wish we had not had to learn; but many of the things that came out are good things. We learned how to appreciate others for what they do for us, we learned how much we value spending time with those we love, we learned that we enjoy being in the presence of our loved ones, we learned that a phone call or text can make someone’s day, and we learned that life is valuable and sometimes taken for granted.


  • Faithful Leadership

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | May 19, 2020

    Leading is easy when things are going well; but when the train is derailed a leader’s response speaks loudly about their character; and it speaks volumes about their faith. “Faith and leadership go hand in hand, in that good leadership is not dependent upon one’s talents or gifts but upon one’s total surrender to God and dependence upon the Holy Spirit to amplify what God has given them.” Leadership is never needed more than during times of crisis, and now is one of those times.