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  • One of Many

    Devotionals | August 01, 2016

    The Bible tells story after story of God’s intervention in people’s lives. People like Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Moses, David, Jonah, Mary and Joseph, Peter, Paul, James, and countless, nameless others had moments when God reached in, opened their eyes, and rewrote their story. During His earthly ministry, Jesus touched the lives of men, women, and children, bringing the love and light of God into their lives. We are ones that He has touched, whose lives are changed.

  • Never Alone

    Devotionals | July 29, 2016

    One of the greatest promises in the Bible is that as Jesus’ disciples we are never alone. Before Jesus’ ascension, as He commissioned His disciples, Jesus promised His abiding presence would be with them always. His commitment to us as His disciples is unconditional, unending, and empowering. Through Him we have entered into the reality of eternal life, which is found in intimate relationship with the Father and Son through the Spirit. What has Jesus given you to do today? How does His promise that you are never alone strengthen and encourage you?

  • Are You Blessed

    Devotionals | July 27, 2016

    Have you been blessed by God? Many people speak of being blessed by God when good things happen. They look to visible evidence of prosperity and peaceful circumstances as evidence of His blessing. There is a level of truth to this. The Lord is the author of life, the giver of all good gifts, and the source of peace and wellbeing. These are His attributes, whether or not they are currently part of our experience. As Jesus’ followers, we have been blessed because we recognize Him as the Son of God and the Living Word. Is this your perspective today?

  • When the Spirit Leads

    Devotionals | July 20, 2016

    Jesus’ example shows the importance of timing as a key element in leadership. Aligning Himself closely with the Father’s perspective, He recognized the times in which He lived and knew His part of God’s unfolding story. Prompted by the Spirit, He knew when and how to respond to those around Him. Peter, following Jesus’ example, became the first to take Jesus’ message across cultural boundaries. Developing God’s perspective allows us to respond when the time is right. Following our leader, we will be ready to respond when the Spirit leads.

  • A God-Shaped Perspective

    Devotionals | June 29, 2016

    As men and women who choose to lead like Jesus, we need to be careful to keep our eyes on our Master. He is unfolding His purposes and plans, and has invited us to join Him in what He is doing. The world system, other people’s demands, and our own longings can derail us if we do not consciously seek His perspective on life. This is where spending time in God’s Word makes such a difference, shaping and renewing our leadership perspective. Meditating on God’s Word brings an eternal perspective as we join God in what He is doing in the world.

  • Standing in the LORD’s Presence

    Devotionals | May 30, 2016

    A prerequisite for servants is for them to be aligned with their master’s vision of the future, mission, and values. Only in this way, will they be able to carry out their master’s wishes appropriately. As those whose allegiance is ultimately to the LORD, therefore, time spent in His presence is not optional. No, it is only as we spend time standing in His presence, kneeling humbly before Him, listening to His voice, and allowing His perspective to transform us that we can rise and serve others with God-given confidence.

  • The Good Life

    Devotionals | May 06, 2016

    People all over the world are searching for the good life. Unfortunately for many, their sights are set too low. Jesus elevates the standard for the good life. No longer limited to the pleasure and treasure of this world, He opens up new vistas of meaning, purpose, and impact that transcend time. He tells us that the good life is lived in relationship with Him, allowing Him to transform our lives for His purposes. Do you want to live the good life?

  • The Gate to Transformation

    Devotionals | April 29, 2016

    How many of us would say that we are living the lives Jesus calls and invites us to live? How many of us would say that we are the people we want to be, the leaders He wants us to be? Before getting overwhelmed with how far we want to go, let’s shrink the boundary and focus on today. What does following Him today look like? Ask Him to give you His perspective on how to live and lead today as one who follows Him.

  • The Dependent Leader

    Devotionals | April 20, 2016

    Every leader depends on someone or something, a person or leadership perspective that drives them forward. One choice is to depend on ourselves, leaning on our personal strength, insights, and abilities. Alternatively, we can choose to depend on someone else, benefitting from their wisdom and experience. Jesus offers Himself as the One on whom we can wholeheartedly depend, providing us with supernatural wisdom and guidance for life and leadership. He is utterly dependable and always available. Do you depend on God’s perspective in leadership, or someone else’s?

  • The Whole Truth

    Devotionals | April 08, 2016

    Do we believe that Jesus fully reflects and represents the truth about God? John the Baptizer’s testimony about Jesus was that in all things Jesus has the supremacy and priority. If this is true, then we know God to the extent that we know Jesus. Do you want to know what matters to God, how He wants you to live, what He values most? Then look at Jesus and listen to what He teaches. Having seen and heard, we are then called to follow Him in spirit and in truth.