• If We Take Time to Listen

    Devotionals | April 07, 2021

    After all the momentous events surrounding Jesus' resurrection, the disciples must have longed to simply spend time in His presence. Yet the daily necessities of life still required attention: meals, laundry, caring for families, work and business responsibilities, all of the daily interactions of life. Jesus still had much to teach His disciples about what it looked like to live life in light of His resurrection. He has much to teach us, too, if we will take time to listen to Him.

  • Encountering Jesus Changes Everything

    Devotionals | April 05, 2021

    After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples privately and corporately, to those on the road to Emmaus, Peter, the gathered disciples, the 500, his brother James, and Saul who became known as Paul. No one remained the same after encountering Jesus. He reshaped their thinking, their understanding of who He was and how the world is meant to be. He continues to reveal Himself to men and women, transforming lives as radically today as He did then. What is your story of encountering the Risen One? How is He transforming you?

  • At the Foot of the Cross

    Devotionals | April 02, 2021

    The events of Jesus' passion—betrayal, condemnation, abandonment, suffering, death—remind us that God's love for us knows no bounds. Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself for us. At the foot of the cross, there were no sermons being preached; there was nothing left to be said. There was only heartbreak, that of a grieving Father and grieving disciples, as God's Son was sacrificed. On what has come to be known as Good Friday, we take our place at the foot of the cross, looking at our suffering Savior, bleeding and dying on behalf of a broken world..

  • The Unlikely Leader

    Devotionals | March 31, 2021

    Moses is an example of a man who tried to lead in his own strength, knew the sting of failure and disgrace, and yet was used by God in a mighty way. Many of us know the sense of feeling inadequate, of knowing our own sins, pride, and fear too well to ever believe that God could redeem us and use us. May Moses' life remind us that God often chooses to work through unlikely people.

  • Impact: Helping the Helpless

    Devotionals | March 26, 2021

    How are you using your life roles and organizational roles to make a difference in the lives of others? How are you using your voice to add value, increase understanding, and give a voice to those whose voice is not being heard? God's heart for helping those who could not help themselves motivated Him to send angels, prophets, Jesus, and the Spirit to our aid. Who is He sending you to today?

  • Exalting God Only: John the Baptist

    Devotionals | March 26, 2021

    The Bible gives us examples of many who heard the call to exalt God and serve others, some who paved the way for Jesus' coming, some who followed in His footsteps. For example, God greatly used John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus. As Jesus' ministry began to grow, John humbly stepped into the background, knowing that his work was complete. John's commitment was to exalting God, not himself.

  • Performance Management

    Devotionals | March 24, 2021

    A leader's role includes managing the performance of others, whether at home or in organizational settings. We are responsible to help others understand what they need to do and to coach them in performing well. We all long to do well, to contribute, and to know how they can improve. On the basis of this universal longing, we can look for God-given opportunities to encourage others. What are you doing to help others find significance, develop needed skills, and achieve satisfying results?

  • A New Perspective

    Devotionals | March 22, 2021

    Leading like Jesus is counterintuitive to the world's way of thinking. Just as Paul had to take time to integrate his encounter with Jesus into his previously existing worldview, so we need to take time to integrate Jesus' perspective into our leadership thinking and practices. As His people, we have constant, direct access to the Father through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Come to Him with your current leadership challenges and get His perspective.

  • Faith to Begin

    Devotionals | March 19, 2021

    Sometimes we face a leadership challenge that looms so large we can't think of where or how to begin. Whether the work is an exciting opportunity or a threatening problem, the Spirit nudges us to turn to God. God longs to be part of our beginnings, part of our solutions, part of our planning. As we turn to Him, He will give us His perspective and empower us to begin in faith, trusting that He will lead the way. Leading like Jesus always begins with asking Him to lead us.

  • Radical Reevaluation

    Devotionals | March 17, 2021

    Our world tends to assign great value to fleeting things—wealth, popularity, position, possessions, accomplishment, approval ratings. Yet each one of these has been found wanting, leading us to crave more rather than truly fulfilling the deepest longings inside of us. Fulfillment, purpose, and satisfaction are found only in Jesus Christ, who radically transforms our values and focuses us on the eternal rather than the temporary. Where does He want to transform your perspective today?